Adrian Peterson Guilty until the media says Innocent : The Minnesota Vikings have banned Adrian Peterson from all team activities

By now you’ve heard the story of Adrian Peterson so there is no need for me to ramble on about it here . Seems like Yesterday the Vikings where coming out with a statement and putting their star running back on the practice field … wait a minute that was yesterday . The NFL is fumbling these situations more than any running back ever could . I keep waiting for the Benny Hill Music to play . You’re Suspeneded .. wait a minute no you’re not .. Ok we change our mind yes you are . Now do I agree with what Adrian did ? Im truy on the fence I understand the need to correct the acts of children but at the same time bruises and bleeding are uncalled for . With that being said I do not  want the Government in my house telling me how I should get this done . The same Government that shoots and kills unarmed teens and beats people on the side of the road want to tell me how to discipline my child … please get the Fuck out of here ! The waffling by the team makes it look really bad more than anything . What new facts about this case have been revealed ? Has he been proven guilty? After the Ray Rice situation and releaseing him for a fight with his wife I can no longer take the NFL seriously