Lebron and Carmelo on the same team but where ?

There is a ton of speculation about where Lebron and Carmelo will end up . Several news sources are saying Lebron will end up with the Cavs and Carmelo will return to the Knicks but what if we are all being mislead . How many people thought that Lebron would end up on the heat with bosh and Dwade ? There was a few but there where also multiple sources that had it going in various different ways . I have already outlined why I think the Cavs don’t make sense because of the team structure but no one is thinking Carmelo and Lebron are waiting on each other to decide . I think these guys want to play together if it was as simple as Carmelo re-signing to the Knicks the deal would have been done already . Lebron and Carmelo to Phoenix looks deadly on paper the same with the heat but the sticking point is the money for the Heat . 


So Just what am  Predicting ? Pat riley has a trick up his sleeve while I don’t understand the Granger and Mcroberts move Riles is the best Gm in basketball . I think when the dust settles we will see a move made that will have Bosh in Houston , Melo , Lebron and Wade in Miami and the rest of the League left angy 


You heard it here first !!!


Lebron Back to the Cavs Doesn’t make sense

As we sit and wait on the decision of Lebron I must say it doesn’t quite make sense . Lebron wants to win titles and looking at the roster and a new coach the chances of that happening are at best questionable . Lebron would join a team with no 3 point shooting and teams would crowd the paint with the Bigs the Cavs have  including Anderson VArejo . Lebron is the Best player in the league and he would make others better around him without a doubt but how much is too much ? 


Floyd Mayweather vs Maidana 2 ? September 13th

Can someone please tell me why this makes sense ? 

The first fight did less than 1 million Ppv with the most expensive under card in boxing history 

So what will a second fight prove ? We know floyd will not fight the same fight he will pick his spots and pick this guy off !


So are you interested ?





Kiko Alonso Tears Acl

Buffalo Bills Kiko Alonso Tears his Acl
Bills WLB Kiko Alonso tore his ACL while working out and is expected to miss the season.
It’s a massive loss for a Bills defense that quietly ranked 10th in the league last year and was trending up. The versatile and athletic Alonso played every single snap during his standout rookie campaign, dominating in coverage and coming second in Defensive Rookie of the Year voting. He’s been slapped with a 7-9 month recovery timetable and will likely be placed on injured reserve shortly. Next up at weak-side linebacker as the Bills shift to a 4-3 would be Nigel Bradham or Preston Brown.