Barao vs. Dillashaw 2 Barao does not deserve this rematch ! UFC 177

In  the first fight we watched as TJ Dillashaw destroyed Barao with no effort required . His Movement seemed to bother barao and his hand speed seemed too much for the former Champ . If I was him I wouldn’t an immediate rematch seeing that I think this will take much more than a few months for him to figure out. Barao must find a way to slow down the crafty , Effective striking of Dillashaw or this one could be just a repeat of the Last beating . What I can figure out from the UFC is how a fight won by such a large margin gets an immediate rematch yet a fight won closely ala Jones vs Gus has to wait . Yes I understand that  Barao was a long term champ but cmon make good business sense Dana ! So my predicition for this fight is pretty easy . I’ve never seen a champ dominated the way Barao was come back this soon and win I think this one will end quickly for Barao .

Point blank period this fight shouldn’t happen !



Danny Garcia vs Rod Salka – The Boxing equivalent of a soft ball pitch !

Garcia-Salka had absolutely no right to be a sanctioned title fight, with Rod Salka not even being rated at 135-pounds (where he campaigns) by either sanctioning body – never mind allowing him to fight for a title at 140! Lets at least applaud the WBC/WBA for uncharacteristically making a sensible decision on the matter, even if they were considering this preposterous idea for a time.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, RingTV is reporting that their fight has now been renegotiated to a 142-pound weight limit. Rod Salka (19-3, 3 KOs), who was already taking a major step up in competition, and above his weight class, doesn’t seem to mind the additional 2 pound advantage that is being spoon-fed to Garcia.


Garcia 28 (KO 16) + lost  in most fans Minds Lost to Mauricio Herrera in his last Bout 

I want to Give Salka a punchers chance in this one but To be honest I just Can’t 

I’m taking garcia to win this this fight by  KO 6 round or earlier .


Gennady Golovkin Vs Daniel Geale

This Saturday night at Madison Square Garden, undefeated WBA middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin defends his belt against former champion Daniel Geale of Australia. A native of Kazakhstan, GGG has become wildly popular among North American fans since his U.S. debut in September 2012. 

Golovkin has knocked out 16 straight opponents, but Geale could be his toughest opponent to date. He’s an experienced, world-class fighter who has been near the top of the middleweight division for years.

It’s become an event whenever GGG fights. His clash with Geale should be one of the most watched fights this summer.  Watching Film On both Fights I feel That Geale will be overmatched ! I hate talking to boxing fans about GGG and asking them well who has he beaten credible and the best name they can pull out is Curtis Stevens this is very funny to me . This Geale Fight will not go past  6 rounds I take GGG by TKO in 6 

Lebron and Carmelo on the same team but where ?

There is a ton of speculation about where Lebron and Carmelo will end up . Several news sources are saying Lebron will end up with the Cavs and Carmelo will return to the Knicks but what if we are all being mislead . How many people thought that Lebron would end up on the heat with bosh and Dwade ? There was a few but there where also multiple sources that had it going in various different ways . I have already outlined why I think the Cavs don’t make sense because of the team structure but no one is thinking Carmelo and Lebron are waiting on each other to decide . I think these guys want to play together if it was as simple as Carmelo re-signing to the Knicks the deal would have been done already . Lebron and Carmelo to Phoenix looks deadly on paper the same with the heat but the sticking point is the money for the Heat . 


So Just what am  Predicting ? Pat riley has a trick up his sleeve while I don’t understand the Granger and Mcroberts move Riles is the best Gm in basketball . I think when the dust settles we will see a move made that will have Bosh in Houston , Melo , Lebron and Wade in Miami and the rest of the League left angy 


You heard it here first !!!


Lebron Back to the Cavs Doesn’t make sense

As we sit and wait on the decision of Lebron I must say it doesn’t quite make sense . Lebron wants to win titles and looking at the roster and a new coach the chances of that happening are at best questionable . Lebron would join a team with no 3 point shooting and teams would crowd the paint with the Bigs the Cavs have  including Anderson VArejo . Lebron is the Best player in the league and he would make others better around him without a doubt but how much is too much ?